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Welcome to LCI Corporation’s Granulation Home Page

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LCI's Granulation Group is focused on agglomeration systems for pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industrial applications. Providing a wide array of Extrusion - Spheronization (ES) systems, LCI has been the industry leader in production of spherical pellets for over 30 years.


For pharmaceutical applications, LCI’s patented Dome Extruders and Marumerizers (spheronizers) are the gold standard in the production of modified release, matrix, and multi-particulate pellets.

LCI also provides a wide variety of wet extrusion and spheronization technologies to industrial manufacturing areas such as agrochemical, food products, chemicals, and propellants.

Through partnering agreements, LCI provides pellet presses and solids feeders for industrial applications.

From lab equipment to fully automated production systems, LCI is your committed ES partner.