LCI Corporation Commissions New Continuous Wet Granulation Test Equipment at Duquesne University

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Pittsburgh, PA, February - LCI Corporation, in partnership with the Duquesne University School of Pharmacy, has commissioned its Dome-EX Combi System at The Duquesne University Center for Pharmaceutical Technology (DCPT). The equipment is now available for testing and development work by potential customers.

The Dome-Ex System is a brand new continuous wet granulation technology for producing ideal granules for tableting. The Dome-Ex allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to achieve dry mixing, wet granulation, and drying all in one system.

The Dome-Ex is a new innovation from LCI Corporation that was developed to support the pharmaceutical industry’s move to continuous manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical production.

The FDA expects “that adopting continuous manufacturing for pharmaceutical production will reduce drug product quality issues, lower manufacturing costs, and improve availability of quality medicines to patients”. 1

Those interested in evaluating the Dome-Ex are encouraged to contact LCI Corporation to schedule a potential test at DCPT.

1 “Quality Considerations for Continuous Manufacturing Guidance for Industry”, The Food and Drug Administration, February 2019.