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Evaporation, Drying, and Separation Products

  • High efficiency heat and mass transfer
  • High turndown capabilities
  • Short residence time for temperature sensitive products
  • High viscosity handling
  • Reduce/eliminate thermal surface fouling
“The new equipment has performed to full expectations and were able to drastically increase product yield and make the required moisture spec. The project literally was a home run and already paid for itself.”

- Andy Carlson - Project Manager - South Dakota Soybean Processors

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Products to Feed, Extrude and Pelletize

  • Easy scale-up
  • High yield
  • Improved flowability
  • Better particle size distribution
"LCI's extruder and spheronizer system is flexible, robust and reliable for R&D and pilot scale experiments. LCI's team is highly knowledgeable and professional. The service level is much higher than the average pharma equipment industry level."

- Patrick Gosselin, Ph.D. - VP Pharma R&D - Corealis Pharma Inc.

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Parts and Service for your Evaporation and Granulation Products

  • 24 hour parts support
  • Skilled technicians
  • OEM parts
“Thank you for a very successful week in the Test Center…for all your hard work and sweat (literally). From our standpoint, I really have to say that having the Test Center as one of your pre-build services is really a super confidence builder…we came away feeling really great about the week.”

- Manager, Manufacturing and R&D Pharmaceutical industry

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More than 50 Fortune 500 Companies use our products

"The Circle Feeder is by far the best feeder to handle wet material. Typical examples are feeding an extruder or a dryer."

- Shai Noiman, Owner of Lean Engineering (recently retired from FMC Corp; Lead Process & Technology Design Engineer)

"The big advantage working with LCI is I know I will receive quality expertise/advice in addition to reliable/timely work on my equipment needs from a friendly and professional group of engineers. Highly recommend."

– J. Goeppner, E&J Gallo

LCI Corporation (formerly Luwa Corporation) has been providing high quality Evaporation, Drying and Modular Systems and Extrusion, and Spheronization Systems worldwide since 1961. Our success is based on our wide range of products, technical expertise, and close working relationships with our customers. This combination allows us to provide solutions based on the unique needs of each customer. We provide:


  • Laboratory & pilot plant testing
  • Process design & scale-up
  • System design & integration
  • Fabrication & QA
  • Plant commissioning
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Spare parts
  • Field service & repairs
  • Equipment refurbishing


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