LCI Corporation offers customized solutions and process expertise to solve your most difficult agricultural process problems.

We have a rich history of serving the agrochemical industry with world-leading technology and process expertise. Our team of process experts works closely with you to provide a customized solution to fit your specific needs.

Our technology is used to the concentrate or evaporate your active ingredient, as well as dewater, distill, and increase yields of your agrochemical products. LCI’s process experts are here to assist along the way, from feasibility testing, all the way through after sale support and service.

LCI’s thin film technologies and engineered systems are used to:

  • Concentrate Active Ingredients (AI)
  • Gently distill temperature sensitive products
  • Concentrate botanical extracts and fermentation broths
  • Effectively recover solvents
  • Dry and dewatering dilute products
  • Increase yields with short residence times
  • Achieve consistent batch quality with superior mixing efficiency
  • Increase heat transfer and flowability for viscous concentrated products
  • Allow proteins and other fouling prone products to be continuously cleaned from the heated wall by the rotor
  • Obtain high product purity by stripping out impurities down to very low residual (PPM) levels
Agrochemical Evaporator 

Agrochemical Case Studies

Concentrating Agrochemical Product
Continuous API Concentration

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