Difficult Evaporation Problems Solved.

LCI has process experts ready to develop the customized thin film evaporation solution to fit your specific needs.

We provide customized solutions and process expertise to clients in the chemical industry to solve their most difficult challenges. Whether it is a foaming, fouling, viscous, temperature sensitive, or valuable application, LCI’s process experts are here to help. LCI's core products include thin/wiped film evaporators, short path evaporators, high viscosity processors, and thin-film dryers.

Our thin film evaporation technologies allow us to solve problems that were previously difficult or impossible for our clients, including:

  • Strip solvents from temperature sensitive products
  • Process foul-prone or foaming products
  • Maintain consistent product quality with short residence times and narrow product quality distribution
  • Obtain high product purity by stripping out impurities down to very low residual levels
  • Increase heat transfer and flowability for viscous concentrated products up to 15,000,000 cp
  • Shorten residence time, resulting in better product quality, consistency, repeatability, and control, especially for once through continuous configurations
  • Purification and separation of chemical products including petrochemicals, bio-based chemicals, polymers, resins, plastics, food, pharmaceuticals
  • Complete reactions, devolatize, or de-monomerize plastics and resins
  • Recover solvents to minimize waste streams and increase ROI
  • Run at deep vacuum levels to distill high-boiling or temperature sensitive materials

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Tars and Resins
Tars and Resins

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