Solutions for challenging environmental processes

In today’s world of:

  • Mounting disposal costs and regulations
  • Concerns about climate change
  • Lack of landfill space
  • Calls to reuse or recycle material

LCI Corporation’s Thin Film Evaporation and Drying technologies are designed to efficiently separate liquids and solids, and are perfect for difficult applications that require mass and volume reduction or contain valuable materials that need to be reused.

Below are unique features and some examples of environmental applications in which thin film technologies have been used:

Thin Film Features

  • Ability to operate under vacuum
    • Evaporation and separation of high boiling point materials
    • Processing of temperature sensitive materials
  • Continuous processing
    • Lowers energy requirements
    • Increases throughput
    • Increases product quality
    • Decreased downtime for cleaning
  • High agitation
    • Rapid surface renewal for high heat transfer
    • Processing foul prone or foaming materials
    • Concentration to low ppm levels
    • Handles highly viscous materials
  • Small Footprint
    • Vertical and Horizontal designs
    • Fit existing buildings
    • Lower Construction Cost
  • Low Maintenance
    • Simple machine with one moving part
    • Decreased maintenance cost and downtime
    • Various designs tailored to specific applications
  • Low energy consumption
    • Decreases carbon footprint
    • Recovery of heat for reuse
    • Reduced exhaust stream lowers treatment requirements

Environmental Applications

  • Zero liquid discharge applications (ZLD)
    • Concentration of salt/brine streams
    • Glycerin recovery from salts
  • Reduction and recovery of materials in waste streams
    • Used oil refining
    • Valuable solvents
    • Monomer recovery
    • Catalyst recovery
  • Concentration of residues for disposal
    • Reactor washes
    • Tar and Paint Residue
    • Catalyst Fines
    • Drilling Residues
    • Radioactive wastewater
    • Waxes
    • Treating wastewater and reduction of liquid wastes
    • Radioactive waste water
    • Acid recovery
  • Drying of municipal and industrial waste sludges
    • Coal slurry
    • Biomass
    • Contaminated soil
    • Industrial process waste
    • Sewage sludge

Environmental Case Studies

Dewater Bio-Based Fuels
Dewater Bio-Based Fuels
Tars and Resins
Tars and Resins
Used Oil Re-refining
Used Oil Re-refining

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