Thin film evaporation solutions for challenging environmental processes

From the processing of biofuels and recovery of catalysts, to concentration of bio-based chemicals, LCI thin film evaporation technology provides reliable, continuous processing of difficult environmental evaporation processes. LCI's core products include thin film evaporators, short path evaporators, thin-film dryers, and high viscosity processors. Our thin film evaporation technology allows us to solve problems that were previously difficult or impossible for our clients, including:

  • Strip solvents from temperature sensitive products
  • Process foul-prone or foaming products
  • Maintain consistent product quality with short residence times and narrow product quality distribution
  • Obtain high product purity by stripping impurities to very low residual levels
  • Short residence resulting in better product quality, consistency, repeatability, and control especially for once-through, continuous configurations
  • Run at deep vacuum levels to distill high-boiling or temperature sensitive materials
  • Concentration of dilute products such as fermentation broths
  • Remove solvents from petroleum products such as bitumen
  • Maximize recovery and quality of pure glycerin from crude streams (i.e. soap stock, biodiesel)
  • Recovery of catalysts for silicon processing
  • Recovery of organic products from tars and residues
  • Recovery of solvents from photovoltaic resins
  • Evaporation of radioactive waste water

Environmental Case Studies

Dewater Bio-Based Fuels
Dewater Bio-Based Fuels

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