Food and Beverage

Customized evaporation solutions for challenging food and beverage products.

Our comprehensive line of sanitary evaporation and drying equipment provides the ability to process even the most difficult food and beverage products. LCI’s thin film evaporation equipment can gently process temperature sensitive products without concern for foaming, fouling, or viscosity. Our highly trained team of process experts and design engineers are capable of engineering 3A Dairy Certified designs and other clean in place (CIP) and sanitary requirements to fit your needs.

LCI thin film evaporation technology is used for the following applications:

  • Consistently and reliably drying soy lecithin to less than 1% moisture
  • Concentration of highly viscous cheese products and sugar concentrates, as well as fruit and vegetable purees
  • Strip solvents from temperature sensitive products
  • Concentration of foamy dairy products
  • Purification of botanical extracts and oils
  • Concentration of fouling prone fermentation broths and other protein laden materials
  • Drying and concentration of coffee products
Liquid applications for food

Food and Beverage Case Studies

Process Validation - Cheese Product
Process Validation - Cheese Product
Lecithin Dryers
Dry Lecithin with Thin Film Evaporation

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