Powder applications for resource recovery

Resource Recovery

Effective evaporation solutions to maximize ROI and reduce waste.

Our evaporation technology provides our clients with the ability to concentrate waste streams and recover solvents, vastly improving the value and efficiency of their process. Concentrated waste streams can be used as a new source of revenue and recovered solvents can be reused in processes to save you money.

  • Recover solvents from foul-prone waste products such as paints, inks, oils, and resins to minimize waste streams and increase ROI
  • Process foul-prone or foaming products
  • Maximize recovery by stripping volatiles to very low residual levels
  • Run at deep vacuums to distill high-boiling or temperature sensitive materials
  • Vacuum distillation of used oils for reuse / oil re-refining
  • Recover glycol for reuse
  • Dry catalysts to a free-flowing powder
  • Remove solvents from petroleum products such as bitumen
  • Recover of column bottoms by acting as reboiler for a distillation column
  • Recover organic products from tars and residues
  • Recover acid from process streams
  • Recover polymer in plastic-coated paper recycling
  • Recover catalysts from reaction residues


Resource Recovery Case Studies

Used Oil Re-refining
Used Oil Re-refining

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