Thin Film Evaporators

High Viscosity Processor - Design Principles

LCI offers high viscosity processors with the following design configurations.

Rotor Designs

High viscosity rotor designs 
  • Fixed Clearance used in combination with transported flow blades for medium viscosity applications and dilute feeds to increase evaporative capacity
  • Transported Flow provides positive transport for viscous materials which do not flow by gravity—usually those of 50,000 cp or more. The exact blade configuration will vary depending on the product characteristics.

Rotor Orientation

  • Vertical is used for all high viscosity applications. The vertical configuration provides reliable, efficient processing of viscous and fouling fluids. Units are designed with no bottom bearing.

Vapor Flow

  • Counter-current flow is normally recommended for final concentration of viscous streams.
  • Co-current flow permits processing super-heated/flashing feed streams and is often used as a pre-concentrator for vented extruders.

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