Increase Product Yield and Improve Product Quality with Thin Film Evaporation

LCI Thin Film Evaporation technology is designed to deliver the results you value most- superior end product quality, high processing efficiency with minimal waste, and reliability.

Increase product yield

  • Obtain desired product yield in a single, continuous pass
  • Higher yield due to fewer side reactions such as decomposition and polymerization due to temperature exposure
  • Low vacuum operation (down to 0.001 mbar) reduces operating temperature of the process
  • Various rotor designs to allow for “squeezing” of residues
  • High evaporation ratios: up to 99 to 1
  • Maximize product recovery of valuable materials

Improve product quality

  • Color preservation of your concentrated product
  • Minimize aroma losses of volatile ingredients
  • Preserve the constituent content of your product
  • Elimination of steam and other stripping agents in the vapor stream


  • How thin film evaporation technology gives you an advantage in lecithin production


    As the world population grows, there is an increased need for dried soy lecithin to support the food industries that serve the world's population. TFEs effectively dry the lecithin to < 1 wt% moisture, and keeps color properties, while adeptly overcoming viscosity increases created by the drying process.

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