Manufacture a Safer Consumer Product

LCI Thin Film Evaporators provide continuous, reliable purification and devolatilization of materials to safe PPM levels to provide a final consumer product that meets even the most stringent safety and regulatory standards.

How to manufacture a safer consumer product with Thin Film Evaporation:

  • Evaporate volatile chemicals down to low ppm levels in the concentrated product without degradation
  • Short residence time coupled with high heat transfer rates ensure volatile components are evaporated, resulting in consumer products that can meet stringent specifications
  • Mass transfer is maximized utilizing high heat, rapid surface renewal, and deep vacuum with limited back mixing
  • Low vacuum operation (down to 0.001 mbar) reduces operating temperature of the process
  • Reduction of harmful stripping agents
  • Sanitary, clean in place designs available
  • Removal of harmful chemicals such as dioxane from consumer products

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