Reduce Disposal Costs

Finding an effective waste management solution for your industrial process can result in significant benefits for the environment as well as your bottom line. LCI thin film evaporators are a resource recovery technology that provides a cost-effective solution for recycling and recovery of valuable process stream components – helping you reduce waste and maximize return on investment.
  • Various rotor designs allow for “squeezing” of residues to recover every last bit of your valuable process stream
  • Mass transfer is maximized utilizing high heat, rapid surface renewal, and low vacuum with limited back mixing, resulting in a highly concentrated bottoms product
  • Low vacuum operation (down to 0.001 mbar) reduces operating temperature of the process
  • Easily handle viscous, concentrated residues
  • High surface to volume ratios: 100 square feet of heated surface area to 1 cubic foot of product inventory
  • Utilize the thin film evaporator as a reboiler for your distillation column
  • Reduction of transportation costs due to lower quantities of disposal needed


  • How Can Thin Film Technology Solve Landfill and Waste Reduction Issues?


    Historically, solid waste landfills have been the preferred method of waste disposal due to their hands off approach, simplicity, low cost & acceptance of a variety of wastes.

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