D-Velpac® Evaporator System

LCI's D-Velpac® System is your solution for pilot scale production, R&D, and scale-up data.

Fast Facts

  • Feed Rate: 25-250 lb/hr (11-113 kg/hr)
  • Evaporator Area: 1.4ft2
  • Materials of Construction: 316SS
  • Design Pressure/Temp: Process: FV to 50 psig @ 650°F, Jacket: 200 psig @ 394°F / 100 psig @ 650°F
  • Viscosity: 50,000 cP max

Features and Benefits

  • Test or Lease for an inexpensive means to evaluate thin film evaporation of your products
  • Fixed clearance rotor (wiper blade option available upon request)
  • Step‐down sheaves for variable rotor speed
  • Quick disassembly/assembly for ease in cleaning and inspection
  • Counter‐current vapor‐liquid flow operation
  • 150# ANSI Flanges for all process connections
  • Explosion‐proof
  • Operate under vacuum into the single digit Torr
  • Engineering support for set-up, process assistance, parts, and service
  • Ready for connection to your utilities

See how it works with common applications.

D-Velpac Evaporator 


Evaporator type chart
Evaporator Type Comparison Chart
Thin Film Evaporator Design Options
Thin Film Evaporator Design
Thin Film Evaporator Operation
Thin Film Evaporator Operation
D-Velpac Brochure
D-Velpac Evaporator

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