Sanitary super labvap

Sanitary Super LabVap® System

The LCI Sanitary Super LabVap® System is your solution for sanitary development of your product with LCI’s thin film evaporation technology. Capable of meeting the 3-A sanitary standard, it’s ideal for developing food and pharmaceutical products.

Fast Facts

  • Heated Surface Area: 0.5ft2
  • Material of Construction: 316 SS process wetted parts
  • Process Area P/T Rating: FV to ATM @ 650°F
  • Jacket P/T Rating: 150psig @ 365°F (steam), 100 psig @650°F (liquid)
  • Feed Rate: 2-40 lb/hr (typical)
  • Viscosity: 8,000 cP max (typical)

Features and Benefits

  • Test or Lease to quickly and efficiently determine if development of your product is possible with LCI thin film evaporation
  • Designed for CIP requirements
  • Minimal product required for operation
  • Operate under vacuum as low as 1 Torr
  • Quick disassembly/assembly for ease in cleaning and inspection
  • Horizontal configuration allows for greater residence time control
  • Explosion-proof
  • Engineering support for set-up, process assistance, parts, and service
  • Ready for connection to your utilities
3A Dairy stamp available

See how it works with common applications.

Sanitary Super LabVap Evaporator


Sanitary Super LabVap Laboratory Evaporator
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Thin Film Evaporator Design
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Thin Film Evaporator Operation

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