Short Path Evaporator

Short Path Evaporator - Design Principles

LCI offers short path evaporators with the following design configurations.

Rotor Designs

Short Path Evaporator Rotor Designs
  • Wiped Film/Hinged Blade for materials with very high fouling tendencies or vaporization ratios
  • Transported Flow provides positive transport for viscous materials which do not flow by gravity—usually those of 50,000 cp or more

Rotor Orientation

  • Vertical is used for all short path applications. The vertical configuration provides reliable, efficient processing of viscous and fouling fluids. Units are designed with no bottom bearing.

Vapor Flow

  • The vapor flows radially from the liquid/concentrate stream along the thermal surface through the internal entrainment separator to the internal condenser where it is condensed to liquid. Non-condensibles exit through the vacuum nozzle. A freeze trap/coldd finger is used frequently to capture uncondensed volatiles before the vacuum system.

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