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Continuous Drug Pelleting

Our Continuous Drug Pelleting (CDP) System fully integrates the extrusion and spheronization process to continuously convert drug formulations into free flowing spheres of a controlled shape and size.
Continuous Drug Pelleting

Advantages Over Batch Processing

A wet granulation batch is prepared in a high shear granulator and loaded into the hopper of the patented LCI Circle Feeder. The feeder continuously meters the wet granulation into the LCI Extruder forming cylindrical extrudates. The extrudates break off by their own weight and are collected in LCI’s special discharging system. The wet extrudates are then charged to the LCI Spheronizer where they are converted into well-rounded spheres, which are subsequently dried/coated.

  • Increased product consistency
  • Increased process yield
  • Reduced operator intervention
  • Greater safety with fully contained process


  • Components include patented Circle Feeder™, patented Twin Dome Granulator™ or Radial Xtruder™, Discharge Device, and Marumerizer™(Spheronizer)
  • Compact design ideal for GMP suites
  • System components easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance
  • 316 stainless steel GMP design with high polish finish
  • Integrated spheronizer plate lifting device
  • Optional Marumerizer wash-in-place (WIP) system
  • Fully integrated, PLC based control system featuring LCI’s New XT-CDP CFR 21, Part 11 compliant controls
  • Various production sizes available The CDP system is custom designed and manufactured to client specification


Continuous Drug Pelleting
Continuous Drug Pelleting System
Continuous Extrusion-Spheronization
Continuous Extrusion-Spheronization

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