LCI Corporation offers customized solutions and process expertise to solve your most difficult solid biofuel, renewable energy, and biochemical problems. Our solutions include equipment to pelletize waste products for easier handling and feeding difficult to handle waste materials.

Yeast Pelleting for Ethanol Production

Our extrusion technology is used to form yeast pellets that are used in fermentation processes for bioethanol production. The addition of granulated yeast enhances ethanol production. We provide lab equipment for developing yeast pelleting processes that can be scaled up to our production equipment.

Feeding Biomass for Energy Production

Our specialty feeders can handle the most difficult to feed materials used in biofuel applications. Biomass materials such as wood chips are commonly used for biofuel power generation. Feeding the flaky, amorphous, and tangled material is impossible with other feeding technologies. The Circle Feeder can provide stable discharge of large silos containing woodchips or other difficult biomass materials at powder generating facilities.

Finished Extrusion Product

Biofuels / Energy / Environmental Case Studies

Increase the Bulk Density of Hazardous Waste
Increase the Bulk Density of Hazardous Waste

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