Pelleting Chemical Powders

LCI Corporation offers a broad range of pelleting technologies from low pressure extrusion to high pressure pelletization.

We are the experts in converting powder into pellets. With product lines for creating pellets through both low pressure extrusion and high pressure pelletization, our team of process experts can deliver the right solution to form the exact product characteristics you require.

Pelletizing your materials provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Pelletize powder additives to improve their bulk density and allow for improved subsequent processing
  • Create spherical pellets of absorbents resulting in enhanced absorption
  • Achieve better dosing with easier to handle pelletized form from powders
  • Develop spherical pellets with narrow particle size distribution allowing for better gas flow in packed columns
  • Provide a dust free, easier to handle form of a powder that is more attractive to consumers
  • Obtain better product consistency
  • Minimize the issues caused by spills and eliminate the risk of splash with a solid form
  • Lower the risk of inhalation with a non-dusting form

Our team of experts will help you find the right pelletizing process to get the results you need.

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