Powder applications for food

Discharging Food And Beverage Ingredients

LCI’s sanitary feeding equipment is used to discharge food and beverage products. Our feeders are used extensively in the food industry to feed even the most difficult food products.

The unique design and properties of the Circle Feeder give our clients in the food industry the ability to do what was previously impossible, including:

  • Gentle product handling provides stable discharge of fragile foods without damaging the product.
  • No product segregation allows even discharge of mixed products
  • Stable discharge of food and beverage products that have issues with bridging and ratholing

Each feeder we provide our clients is designed for their unique needs, with options including:

  • Multiple discharge ports with manual or auto slide gates
  • High temperature capability
  • Special coatings for abrasive materials
  • Explosion proof motors
  • High moisture capability
  • Sanitary or GMP
  • Loss-in-weight control
  • Drive configuration (vertical or horizontal)
  • For high bulk density materials
  • Heavy duty reducers for high bulk density materials

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