Pelleting Food And Beverage Ingredients

Pelleting your food and beverage ingredients can offer improved product handling and performance.

LCI’s comprehensive line of powder handling equipment offers a range of solutions for pelleting your food products. Our team of process experts can recommend the right equipment for your specific process needs.

We provide extrusion and spheronization systems to pelletize certain food and beverage ingredients, as well as pellet presses for a larger and denser pellet.

Examples of food pelleting include drink mixes, instant soup, or sweeteners that easily flow out of packaging and quickly disperse in water.

Benefits include:

  • Improve their bulk density and allow for improved subsequent processing
  • Create spherical pellets to achieve your controlled release needs
  • Achieve better dosing with easier to handle pelletized form from powders
  • Develop an improved pelletized form of instant soup, beverage, or sweetener that flows better out of packaging and quickly disperses in water
  • Allow for a greater shelf life of flavors and enzymes with a pelletized form
  • Provide a dust free, easier to handle form of a powder that is more attractive to consumers
  • Obtain better product consistency

Food and Beverage Case Studies

Performance of a Beverage Additive Improved by a LCI Extrusion Technology
Beverage Additive Perfomance Improved by Pelletization Case Study

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