Drug Pelleting (Multiparticulate Systems)

Superior pelleting technology and expertise from the inventors of Extrusion Spheronization technology.

LCI are the industry experts in pelleting by Extrusion Spheronization. Our equipment is manufactured by Fuji Paudal, the inventors of Extrusion Spheronization technology. As their sole partner in the Americas, we combine superior technology and process expertise to deliver industry leading solutions.

Drug pelleting by Extrusion Spheronization offers pharmaceutical customers a variety of unique features and benefits versus other pelleting processes.

pharmaceutical spheres and continuous wet granulation

Benefits of ES Drug Pelleting

  • Achieve maximum drug loading of your API
  • Create smaller spheres with higher drug loading than the typical limitations of spheres produced by drug layering
  • Easily combine incompatible active ingredients (multiparticulate systems)
  • Create a pellets for a more patient friendly dosage form for Geriatric and Pediatric populations or for those who would otherwise have difficulty swallowing a pill
  • Create controlled release pellets with narrow particle size distribution resulting in highly controlled release profiles
  • Develop a pelletization process with excellent process repeatability
  • Scale up from the laboratory to production easily
  • Increase yield of high value products
  • Tamper proof products with the use of matrix pellets
  • Limit side effects with pellets that disperse and do not dose dump locally as with tablets
  • Achieve faster processing of large quantities as compared with spheres produced by drug layering
  • Allow for extended patent life with a more complex drug delivery system

Final Dosage Examples using ES Drug Pellets

  • Controlled release/Sustained release coated pellets
  • Delayed release pellets (e.g. enteric)
  • Modified release pellets (e.g. Pulsatile)
  • Matrix pellets (coated or uncoated)
  • Multi-particulates
  • Multi-API combination
  • Disintegrating tablets (incorporating coated pellets)
  • Tamper proof tablets (incorporating coated pellets)
  • Sprinkle drugs (taste masked pellets for pediatric/geriatric friendly dosage forms
Final Dosage Example

Pharmaceutical Case Studies

Continuous Extrusion-Spheronization
Continuous Extrusion-Spheronization

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