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Thin Film Sludge Dryer - Applications

Most Sewage Sludge Dryers for wastewater applications have limitations on the sludge they can process but not the Thin Film Dryer. Due to its unique design, it has processed a wide variety of sludges.

  • Digested, Undigested and Thermal Hydrolysis (THP)
  • Primary, Secondary or Blended
  • Industrial
  • Biomass
  • High Strength Waste
  • High Organic Matter
  • Poorly Dewatered
  • “Sticky”, “Pasty, “Liquid”, “Fibrous”, “Free Flowing”

Additionally, the Thin Film Dryer can complete both full drying and partial drying. The dried solids (dried product) can be varied from 30-90+% DS (dry solids content) depending on the application requirement. Applications the Thin Film Dryer can or have been used in include:

  • Beneficial Reuse
    • Agricultural - Class A Biosolids as defined by EPA 40 CFR Part 503
    • Composting
  • Composting
  • Thermal Destruction Treatment Processes
    • Gasification
    • Pyrolysis
    • Incineration
    • Mono-Sludge Incineration with a Fluidized Bed Incinerator
    • Incineration with Solid Waste
    • Incineration in a Cement Kiln
    • Incineration with Hazardous Waste
  • Landfilling
Thin film sludge dryer process

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