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Process Engineering

A successful thin film / wiped film evaporation or drying system consists of the right thin film processor integrated with a number of properly designed subsystems.

Optimum performance of thin film evaporators is directly related to balancing your system’s critical operating parameters. Using tools such as:

  • Aspen simulations,
  • proprietary calculation programs, 
  • PHA & HazOp analysis,
  • and P&IDs

and with the extensive knowledge gained from more than 50 years experience, LCI Process Engineers utilize their cumulative expertise to optimize those parameters, which are the keys to your success. LCI’s Pilot Plant facility is available to develop parameters for your new process or to evaluate the impact of new formulations on existing capacities.

Determining the optimum operating parameters and controlling them are two different challenges. Our process engineers often develop complete system solutions that include critical feed, vacuum, heating, and discharge operations, all integrated into a customized control package. After over 50 years and thousands of installations, we know the right way of doing it!

LCI believes success is based on close collaboration with our clients. From initial project concept through installation, start-up, and successful operation, our Process Engineers work with your Development, Plant, and Process personnel to ensure success. Let us be your teaming partner for grass-roots installations, capacity expansions, and system upgrades. We will review your proposed control systems and P & I D’s to provide the most efficient and reliable operation.

Process Engineering

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