Testing center

Test Center and Evaluations

The LCI Test Center team works closely with you to validate your solution.

The LCI Test Center is fully staffed and equipped with laboratory and pilot scale equipment. Our engineers can arrange laboratory and pilot-scale tests to evaluate customer products and develop processes.

LCI’s Test Center and Process Engineering Teams have years of highly specialized process experience. Our team members are equipped to provide guidance and support during the testing and process development stage to ultimately deliver an effective process solution.

Typically, the process begins by completing a Preliminary Evaluation Study (PES). A PES enables us to assess your requirements and determine whether LCI technology may be the best fit for your application.

After positive results are achieved in a PES, a Pilot Plant Test (PPT) is scheduled to demonstrate production feasibility. We invite our clients to attend this stage of testing that generates product qualification samples, commercial design scale-up data and confirms operating conditions. While attending a pilot test, our highly trained team can demonstrate equipment operation, explain process parameters, and provide guidance to help ensure that the client is fully comfortable with the equipment and process. Our goal is to develop a long-lasting partnership with the client, supplying equipment, process expertise, and dedicated support.

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Testing At Your Facility

LCI also provides short-term equipment leases to allow clients a chance to evaluate the equipment at their facilities.

Testing Center 

Laboratory Equipment


Preliminary Evaluation Study
LCI Preliminary Evaluation Service (pdf)
LCI development capabilities
Thin Film Evaporation Testing at the LCI Test Center
Extrusion and Sheronization Testing
LCI TESTING SERVICES Extrusion and Spheronization
D-Velpac Brochure
D-Velpac Evaporator

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