How Can Thin Film Technology Solve Landfill and Waste Reduction Issues

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Historically, solid waste landfills have been the preferred method of waste disposal due to their hands off approach, simplicity, low cost & acceptance of a variety of wastes.

However, landfill disposal regulations have increased to reduce landfill waste, environmental impacts & health concerns, including:

  • Landfill stability & slope failure
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from organic matter
  • Lengthy decomposition of certain materials
  • Pressure to recycle materials
  • Waste to energy implementation
  • Concerns from leaching, off-gassing, & flammability of hazardous materials
  • Limited space with few new landfills permitted

In some cases, these concerns eliminate landfilling as a waste disposal option.

In other cases, where landfills accept these waste streams, stricter specifications or higher costs are more common. To reduce costs & adhere to regulations, thin film evaporation & drying have been utilized to drastically reduce the mass & hazardous content of waste streams.

Landfill Applications

Thin Film Evaporators and Dryers for Landfill Applications

Reduce Liquid Waste & Treat Water Waste

  • “Zero liquid discharge” technologies (ZLD)

Reduce Hazardous Solvents in Waste Streams

  • Oils & various hydrocarbons
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • Battery & electronic waste

Concentrate Residues

  • Tar & Paint sludge
  • Leachate streams
  • Salt solutions
  • Drilling Residues

Drying Various Municipal & Industrial Sludge Streams

  • Coal slurry
  • Biomass
  • Contaminated soil
  • Industrial process waste
  • Sewage sludge

Thin Film Technology Benefits

  • Process difficult, highly volatile, or viscous materials
  • Contained processing environment
  • Operation under atmospheric / vacuum pressure
  • Continous, reliable operation
  • Low energy consumption — potential to recover heat
  • Recover valuable solvents

LCI Offers a Variety of Thin Film Technologies

  • Thin & Wiped Film Evaporators
  • Thin Film Dryers + Sludge Dryers
  • Short Path Evaporators
  • High Viscosity Processors
  • Laboratory Systems + Engineered Systems
  • Process Design, Pilot Testing & Support