Thin Film and Wiped Film Evaporators

An LCI agitated thin film evaporator (TFE) or wiped film evaporator (WFE or "wiffe") provides short residence time and open, low pressure drop configuration, allowing continuous, reliable processing of many heat sensitive, viscous, or fouling materials without product degradation.

Thin Film Evaporator Fast Facts

LCI Thin Film Evaporators provide successful concentration, distillation, and separation of the most difficult to process fluids with a combination of:

  • Extremely short residence time
  • High turbulence
  • Narrow residence time distribution
  • Rapid surface renewal

LCI’s thin film evaporators quickly separate more volatile from less volatile components using indirect heat transfer and mechanical agitation of a flowing product film under controlled conditions. Either the vaporized component (distillate) or the concentrated component may be the product depending on the application.

Thin film evaporator

Common Operations for Thin Film Evaporators

  • Concentration
  • Resource recovery
  • Devolatilization
  • Evaporation
  • Purification
  • Finishing
  • Distillation / Fractionation
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Drying / Dehydration
  • Reactions
  • Reboiling
  • Stripping


Thin Film Evaporation Testing at the LCI Test Center
Thin Film Evaporation Testing at the LCI Test Center
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