Circle Feeder for Dust Collectors (CFD)

The Circle Feeder for Dust Collectors (CFD) is a proven solution for reliably discharging dust collectors.

The CFD is a Circle Feeder specially designed to discharge hoppers of dust collector systems. The Circle Feeder eliminates all issues with bridging in the hopper to provide a reliable discharging solution. By eliminating the need for vibrators, air knockers, and replacement hoppers, the CFD is a quick, cost-efficient solution that solves the problem at the source. The CFD is effective at discharging all types of dust from collectors, including sticky, fine, or high temperature dusts.

Circle Feeder for Dust Collectors Before and After

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable discharge achieved by preventing bridging in the hopper
  • Low-cost solution saves money over time
  • Compact design limits the construction height requirement
  • CFD can be added to any new or existing dust collection system with a simple install
  • Low power usage provides cost savings
  • Heat resistant designs available up to 360° C

Eliminate Bridging in Dust Collectors

The CFD is an easy, inexpensive upgrade to any dust collection system. The CFD is installed on the dust collector hopper above the material’s critical arching diameter, meaning that that the dust will flow through the hopper without bridging. The CFD can be installed on your current hopper to fix your bridging issues or be installed on your new system to prevent issues from ever occurring. This simple upgrade to the dust collection system will save money over time, prevent down time, and provide years of trouble-free operation for your dust collection system.

Dust Collector Retrofit with Circle Feeder

Easy Install for your Existing Dust Collection System


Circle Feeder for Dust Collectors
Circle Feeder for Dust Collectors

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