Pellet Mill Parts & Service

LCI Corporation provides repair and refurbishing services for its line of Amandus Kahl Pellet Mills. These services are available for laboratory equipment as well as production equipment.

In some cases, it can be more time efficient and cost effective to repair parts. The part(s) in need of repair can be sent to LCI for evaluation. Based on extensive experience, LCI can rebuild major or critical components and restore them to original design specifications.

LCI services our customers with around-the-clock parts support. We can provide standard wear items for LCI's Amandus Kahl Pellet Mills:

Flat Die Pellet Presses

  • 14-175
  • 33-390
  • 33-500
  • 33-600
  • 38-780
  • 39-1000
  • 45-1250
Pellet Mill Repair

Complete Machine Refurbishing

In certain industries, years of operation with abrasive products coupled with the surrounding process environments result in significant internal and external machine wear. As part of its commitment to service, LCI offers complete refurbishing services (see above, "before" and "after photo of refurbished pellet mill). This service could include critical component replacement, shaft rotation, new bearings, seals, gaskets, fluid change, frame sandblasting and repainting.

LCI will perform an extensive inspection of the machine and provide a firm price, with a description of all work and parts, prior to beginning restoration services. Having a machine restored to factory specifications can result in increased capacity, lower maintenance, and lower energy costs.


LCI parts and repair services
LCI Parts, Repair and Refurbishing Services brochure (pdf)

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