Short Path Evaporators

Short Path Evaporation is a specialized process for gently processing heat sensitive, high boiling products, utilizing an internal condenser and Wiped Film rotor technology.

The internal condenser of the Short Path Evaporator provides minimal pressure drop, permitting high vacuum operation down to 0.001 mbar. High vacuum operation is then combined with Wiped Film rotor technology, enabling short residence time, which allows processing of many heat sensitive and difficult to distill products. Short Path Evaporation is also called molecular distillation, and a Short Path Evaporator is sometimes known as an SPE or SPDU (short path distillation unit).

Popular in many industries, Short Path Evaporation is used for a number of applications, including concentrating pharmaceutical ingredients, various oils, natural extracts, and viscous waxes.

Short Path internal condenser
Short Path Evaporator 


LCI Lab scale Short Path Evaporator Brochure
Lab Scale Short Path Evaporator
Short Path Evaporation
Short Path Evaporation (pdf)
Short Path Evaporator type chart
Evaporator Type Comparison Chart

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