DOME-EX System

The DOME-EX System provides continuous wet granulation/pelleting of pharmaceutical powder blends for subsequent tableting.

The unique features of the DOME-EX allow it to continuously produce micro-granules of uniform diameter and hardness. This continuous processing concept eliminates the need for slow, batch granulation (e.g. high shear, and fluid bed granulators), and yields a streamlined, high capacity, more consistent (minimal variability) process.

The DOME-EX System:

  • Dry mixes
  • Feeds (meters)
  • Wet mixes (kneader)
  • Extrudes
  • Dries continuously

Pre-blended powders are continuously metered into the DOME-EX using a powder feeder (sold separately).  Liquid is added using a peristaltic pump. The DOME-EX twin screws intimately knead/mix the material and transport it continuously into the inlet of the vertical extruder equipped with a dome die.  The wet mass is gently wiped though the dome die producing fine, dense, cylindrical granules of a specific diameter. The prepared wet material is manually fed.


Particles produced by Dome-EX Kneader Mixer Extruder

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-compaction before tableting
  • Uniform size (as compared to mixer/granulator)
  • 10-25 kg/hr extrusion rate
  • Twin screw kneader-extruder
  • Integrated vertical extrusion system (Dome type)
  • Separate powder and liquid inlet ports
  • Dome dies available with 0.2 and 0.3 mm hole diameter
  • GMP design with 316SS product contact parts
  • Quick clamps for dome die removal, liquid inlet port
  • Systems designed for easy assembly, disassembly, and cleaning
  • Control panel with PLC/HMI to operate the DOME-EX
  • Touch-screen color HMI; Start/Stop/Speed Control
  • Displays motor torque, RPM, Alarms

**Powder feeder and liquid pump sold separately

Dome-EX Kneader Mixer Extruder


Dome Ex Kneader-Extruder
DOME-EX Combi System

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