Evaporator / Dryer Parts & Service

LCI Corporation provides 24-hour parts support for your evaporation and drying equipment needs. We are available anytime to serve your needs with any part, whether you are dealing with a quick repair or a plant shutdown.


In the early 1990's, LCI acquired the thin film /wiped film evaporation product programs of Cherry-Burrell, Kontro, and Blaw Knox, incorporating them into our own extensive product line.

All LCI parts meet OEM specifications and we keep many wear components in stock.

With OEM drawings and records for these products, LCI is your best resource for parts and repair service. If your evaporator or lecithin dryer is listed below, call LCI when you need parts or repair service:

  • LCI
  • Buss-SMS-Canzler
  • Votator
  • Luwa
  • Rodney Hunt
  • Kontro
  • Roto-Vak
  • Ajust-O-Film
  • Turba-Film
  • Chemetron

For a listing of many of the equipment models for which LCI can provide OEM support, see our Evaporator & Dryer Models listing

Evaporator and Dryer Repair

On-Site Services

If you experience problems with your thin-film or wiped-film evaporator, dryer, or LCI modular system, we can help you through on-site engineering services or repair in our shop.

LCI offers the following on-site engineering services:

  • Trouble-shooting
  • Vibration analysis
  • Assembly and disassembly assistance and instruction
  • Preventive maintenance training
  • On-site equipment evaluation
  • Rebuilding of mechanical seals
  • Clad thickness measurement
  • Wall thickness measurement
  • Mechanical installation assessment

In our repair facility, we can perform all aspects of repair and modification to maintain existing ASME U-stamp certification and design intent. Large machining and dynamic balance capabilities enable us to repair, modify, upgrade, and evaluate evaporators of any size.

Repair of Evaporators, Dryers, & Modular Systems

Planning Ahead

When you have scheduled outages, we can help you decide which parts you need to order. When you contact us with your shutdown dates, we will provide you with a recommended spare parts list for your unit.

Enter a part number, job number, or description of your needs, along with your equipment serial number when completing the form below.

If you would like us to send you a Recommended Spare Parts Price List six weeks before your next scheduled outage, please let us know the outage date(s)

Call James Stiles in customer service. He will take your call on nights and weekends, but it’s easier on everyone to practice preventative maintenance.

Plan ahead for any evaporator maintenance


LCI parts and repair services
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