Laboratory Batch Kneader KDRJ-2

The LCI Batch Kneader is a benchtop device that allows researchers and new product developers to easily prepare small batches of wet mixture. The Batch Kneader is designed to combine powders and liquids to produce homogeneous mixtures.

The pre-mixed dry ingredients are introduced into the kneader manually. Liquid is added to the moving powder manually through the apertures in the inspection cover. Liquid and powder are thoroughly mixed by the counter rotating twin shafts, producing a uniform wet mass. Once the desired mixture characteristics are achieved, the mixing bowl is removed and the batch is transferred to inter-mediate storage for further processing.


Features and Benefits

  • 1.2 liter working volume
  • Dual shaft, sigma blade design
  • GMP design with 304SS contact parts
  • Variable speed
  • Removable inspection cover with safety interlock
  • 304SS heating/cooling jacket
  • No tools required for disassembly of process area
  • 0.5 hp 230VAC/3/60 inverter duty motor
  • Separate stainless steel control panel with PLC, Variable Frequency Drive, and touch screen


Laboratory Kneader Bulletin
Laboratory Kneader Technical Bulletin
 Extrusion Spheronization
Extrusion and Spheronization Brochure

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