Laboratory High Shear Granulator SPG-2

The LCI High Shear Granulator Model SPG-2 is a benchtop device that allows researchers and new product developers to intimately and efficiently mix small batches of powders and liquids to produce homogeneous mixtures. The SPG-2 is designed for accurate mixing and fine granulation.

Dry powder is charged to the granulation chamber; the granulating liquid is atomized directly into the mechanically fluidized powder stream. The patented 3-blade design ensures minimal heat build-up, maximum agitation, and fluidization efficiency. The top blade deagglomerates large lumps and conveys the material toward the bottom of the vessel to the high-speed chopper. Powder and liquid combine to quickly produce a homogeneous mixture. The minimal residual material in the unit can be quickly flushed with a cleaning solution.

  • Capable of accurate mixing and fine granulation
  • Capable of the usage as a kneader to produce homogeneous wet mass before the granulation process by changing to a special blade
High Shear Granulator

Features and Benefits

  • Standard execution for touch panel and air purging at the shaft seal
  • Complete disassembly/cleaning for GMP requirements
  • Available with different blade and chopper configurations
  • 1.5 liter working capacity
  • GMP design with 304SS contact parts
  • Easy and quick disassembly
  • Integrated touch screen control panel
  • Benchtop device ideal for laboratory environment
  • Variable speed drive: chopper (0 – 4500 rpm) and mixer (0 – 1800 rpm)
  • 0.3 hp 230VAC/3/60 motor to drive chopper
  • 1.0 hp 230VAC/3/60 motor to drive mixing blade
  • Depth/width/height (mm): 290/500/400


Laboratory High Shear Granulator
Laboratory High Shear Granulator Model SPG-2

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