Multi Granulator MG-55 Lab Extruder

The Multi Granulator MG-55 is a bench-scale, single screw extruder. The MG-55 is capable of extruding wetted powders into granules ranging from 0.6mm to 8.0mm in diameter.

The Multi Granulator is a versatile research and development tool that provides the ability to evaluate three different extrusion techniques on one lab unit – dome, radial, and axial. The Multi Granulator is easy to setup and assemble with any of the three extrusion configurations for immediate use. The extruded granules can be dried or spheronized, depending on the desired end result.

MG-55 granulator extruder

Features and Benefits

  • Capable of extruding granules from 0.6 mm to 8.0 mm diameter: axial from 2.0 mm to 8.0 mm diameter; radial from 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm diameter; dome from 0.6 mm to 2.0 mm diameter
  • Easily converts into a dome, radial, or axial extruder. No tools required.
  • GMP design with 316SS contact parts
  • 15-20 kg/hr extrusion rate


multi granulator technical bulletin
Multi Granulator MG-55 technical bulletin
  Extrusion Spheronization
Extrusion and Spheronization Brochure

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